Rally Round Launches 2020 – 2022 Calendar of Driving Adventures Including Mongolia, Ethiopia and ‘Wild’ Alaska

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 20th August 2019

Rally Round has launched its calendar of epic adventures for 2020 through to 2022, which includes three brand new rallies that journey to Mongolia, Ethiopia and the wilds of Alaska. Rally Director Liz Wenman said: “The success of the Trans-Himalayan Adventure shows the sort of experience that these explorers are looking for in their cars. It doesn’t always need to be about hard competition and the quickest time. We have created a calendar which allows crews to visit the undiscovered in the most spectacular way.” Kicking off 2020 is an opulent and luxurious tour of Rajasthan on the Maharajan Marathon in February, which will explore historic palaces and the most spectacular scenery over 18-days. This will be followed by a second adventure journeying up and over the Himalayas. After the success of the inaugural Trans-Himalayan Adventure earlier this year, Rally Round will return to China, Tibet and Nepal for another 21-day expedition of tough terrain and high altitudes. Starting late April, highlights include the city of Lhasa, the lost Western Tibetan Kingdom of Guge, sacred Mount Kailash and Everest Base Camp. The following year starts with the inaugural Pure Mongolia, a three-week competitive event that explores the national parks, ancient…

Streetscene – Toyota MR2 Red Limited Edition (W30)

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 11th August 2019

Streetscene is the title we use when we see classic cars in daily use out and about. At the supermarket or the petrol station, parked up in the street or at the local DIY, rather than at a classic car show. Often the owners are there with the cars and we love to have a chat about their car and all about it. We saw this lovely MR2 at a local car wash having just been groomed inside and out and got chatting to the lady who owned it. She loved it to bits and told us it was a rare limited edition 'Red' which came with full leather seats and trim such as seat belts, gear leaver gaiter etc in a bright red, and it really looked very nice indeed, especially against the graphite grey bodywork. She also proudly told us that it had a 138 bhp 16v 1.8 engine that could zip her from 0-60 in 7.7 seconds if she wanted to, but it was too nice a car to thrash ! She uses the car for daily commute to work and whenever the sun was out, the hood was down ! She and her partner were off…

Corgi model of Don Hayter’s MGB V8 Roadster

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 3rd August 2019

Don Hayter is often described as the father of the MGB and was closely involved with its styling and development after joining the MG design office in February 1956 following a similar role at Aston Martin. He rose to become MG's Chief Engineer, and kept the MGB one step ahead of the ever-changing safety legislation in the seventies, while making a profit for BMC/BL at a time when many other divisions didn't. When MG's Abingdon factory closed in 1980 he sold himself an unused 'development' bodyshell (for £939.55) and 3.5-litre V8 engine, then built himself the only factory-made MGB V8 roadster (factory V8s were all GTs), the last MGB to leave Abingdon. Although the MGB was eighteen years old when MG was unexpectedly closed, Don and his team had been working on an update for the profitable US market using the O-series 2-litre OHC engine (including a very quick O-turbo), larger brakes and other modifications. Twenty or more redundant pilot-build bodyshells were left from this project and it was one of these that Don bought; identifiable because the inner-wing was reshaped for fuel injection. The car also features the first MG-badged rocker covers cast, which had been left unused in…

Streetscene – Mitsubishi GTO

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 28th July 2019

So my wife said "let's pop down to the local garden centre ! " Now if you're into gardening, then this would be a fantastic couple of hours pottering around the plants learning new Latin plant names. To me I enjoy seeing her all excited, planning where we can put this perennial or that dwarf so and so, but I haven't got her enthusiasm. I enjoying looking at the man-sheds and the construction stuff such as the slabs and bricks ! But this visit made my tail wag ! There in the car park was this absolute mint Mitsubishi GTO, which I drooled over. Also known as the 3000GT, it featured a 24v V6 twin turbo engine was threw out 286 bhp with 300 ft lb of torque. Very handy! This 1992 registered model had similar lines to the Toyota Supra and from a distant could be mistaken for one. We didn't get chance to speak to the owners, as I was summoned to load the trolley with some bags of John Innes Potting Compost instead !