Streetscene – Saab 900SE 16 Valve

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 31st May 2020

Went out to the local hardware shop this morning to gets some bits 'n bobs and saw this 1992 Saab in the car park. So I just to take it's photo. Waited to see if the owner returned so we could find out more info, but bet they were caught queuing for 30 minutes for the supermarket ! The 900 was launched in 1978 and was made right upto 1998 in three door, cabriolet and the five door which we see here. They always had a very loyal following which we can acknowledge, as some good friends of ours bought their first Saab in 1982 and never had any car but Saabs after that, owning about 10 of them ! One after the other, not 10 at a time ! This sample we saw looks a little worse for wear and needs the front wings attending to, but still enjoying driving it on a regular basis.

You Just Never Know What You’re Going To Find !

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 24th May 2020

If we were multi, multi millionaires, as classic car enthusiasts, I'm sure we'd have a fantastic collection of classic cars in heated storage on our estate in the countryside. How many of us have had that dream when we've bought a lottery ticket in the newsagent and then sitting down back home with a coffee and maybe writing a list of the top ten cars we'd have in our motoring stable ! Back on earth, as nice as it is to dream, some of us are lucky enough to own one or maybe two classic cars. Some because of finance, family commitments or just having no room to spare, visit shows, buy magazines or hopefully come and visit My Classic to see the latest car photos we've added ! Well we do hope so !!! With 15,000 photos, we're adding new photos each week taken over the years. We've often bought collections of photos from collectors fairs and antiques shops and have enjoyed rummaging through boxes of old photos just to find one of Uncle Ted is his Morris Minor 1000 ! These photos are then each individually scanned in, identified and labelled and usually the clarity isn't as clear…

The 2020/2021 Scalextric Club has arrived!

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 21st May 2020

From just £40 per year for UK residents and £56 for international members, you can access exclusive products and competitions, plus a whole host of benefits. This includes a Club exclusive slot car and the 2021 Scalextric catalogue (available January 2021). Plus, you can enjoy a 10% discount off Cars and Accessories* on the Scalextric website! *Exclusions Apply The MK1 Escort was THE touring car of the late 1960s and early 1970s. But it also found success in longer races, with John Fitzpatrick and the rapid Yvette Fontaine, driving this chevron sponsored Twin-Cam machine to success and 2nd in class at the 1969 Spa 24hrs. Exclusive competitions and slot cars From pre-production samples to race tickets, these exclusive competitions have something for everyone. Plus, we will be offering club exclusive cars for every club member to purchase.* *Exclusive to Club members for 18 months, after this it may be sold at a premium price to the general public in the unlikely event of stock still being available. Click here for more details          

Rolls Royce Motor Cars: Achieving Perfection on Every Scale !

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 21st May 2020

Sir Henry Royce once said, “Small things make perfection, but perfection is no small thing.” It is in this vein that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presents to its clients, perfect scale models of Cullinan, the marque’s stellar SUV. As daily driving pleasures have been curtailed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some other of life’s little luxuries have come to the fore. An authentic 1:8 scale replica of a full-sized Cullinan, in which every detail is reproduced with absolute perfection, can now be enjoyed by clients around the world, in the comfort of their own home. Far more than a mere model, each miniature Cullinan is individually and painstakingly crafted by hand, to the client’s specification, from over 1,000 individual components. This process can take up to 450 hours – over half of the time required to build a full-sized Cullinan at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex. The replica is hand-painted using Rolls-Royce colour-matched paint, then hand-polished to the marque’s exacting specification; the coachline is even applied using a fine brush, just as it is on the original. Clients may choose from a palette of around 40,000 ‘standard’ colours, or replicate their own personal Bespoke finish. The fully-functioning exterior…