Scalextric New Release – ‘Delorean Back to the Future’ model in 1/32 scale

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 17th April 2020

GREAT SCOTT! Prepare to go 'Back to the Future' in celebration of the film’s 35th anniversary with this newly tooled release of the most famous time machine to ever grace the screen! Inventor Doc Brown achieves the seemingly impossible when he builds a time machine.... out of a DeLorean! After being sent back in time to 1955 when an experiment with Doc’s invention goes wrong, young Marty McFly must make sure his parents get together to guarantee his existence, while enlisting the younger Doc to repair the damaged DeLorean so Marty can go Back to the Future that he hopes is still there! This car features a removable lightning rod conductor and detailed decoration that includes the iconic OUTATIME registration plate. The Back to the Future Delorean is arguably the most famous and recognisable car in cinema history and is now a rare collectable in real life among movie fans.  Being somewhat more affordable than the real thing, this Scalextric slot car model replica is sure to be one of the biggest hits of the year for collectors young and old, not just of slot cars, but movie fans too!  Grab it now, before it disappears into history. ©Universal City Studios LLC and…

Morris Minor Tourer 1957 For Sale, but let the Buyer Beware !!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 11th April 2020

We'd just loaded a lovely Morris Minor 1000 photo onto our Twitter page and thought I wonder how much they are going for. So we popped onto ebay and very soon found this 1957 version in absolute perfect condition, a bargain at £5,300. The more I looked at it the more I wanted it, especially at the price. It would make a nice addition to the other classic cars in our collection, plus as the saying goes, it's more about the journey getting there, rather than how quickly you travel. Picnic basket in the boot, dogs in the back, Management in the front passenger seat and off we go to a stately home with a blue sky and sunshine. Perfect ! So I then thought I'd check how much a bargain it really was ! So off to Carandclassic website to check on the price for other Moggy Tourers for sale.  £12,000, £15,000 and then I came across this perfect 1957 example in grey with a maroon interior and thought, that looks familiar ! Too familiar, as it was the same car being advertised at £25,000, which was a more realistic price for a car in this absolute mint condition…

The Most Stunning French Classic Cars

Posted By: admin | Posted On: 10th December 2019

  There’s a certain air of debonnaire and mystery when we think of the French culture and this was further carried over to their exquisite models of classic cars. If you’re looking to invest in a Classic French car, you might want to have a look at our list below. We have compiled the names of the most charming French classic cars that are great to bring an aura of beauty to our modern roads.  The reputation behind these Gallic beauties might be tarnished by complaints of reliability, functionality or build quality but there’s certainly the element of innovation that set them apart from other cars.  And certainly, that makes them a popular choice for many drivers who prefer a sophisticated car.    Facel Vega Excellence  With the entrance of the Facel Vega on the car market in 1958, this French classic was designed to attract yees of the world’s most famous political figures and Hollywood stars. In terms of other competitors, the car was set to compete with the famous Lincoln Continental in terms of style and design. The interior was also characterised by rich Vaumol leather upholstery, the same used by Rolls-Royce. You can imagine how impressive it’d…

Fiat 500 & Vespa Scooter Barn Find

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 8th December 2019

We saw this at a motorway services and had a good look around. Both are definite projects and while the scooter has a UK registration, the Fiat 500 looks like an import as it's a left hand drive. The Fiat looks like someone has already started it though as the dashboard is in grey primer and the one front wing looks like it's been replaced. But just look at the camber of the back right wheel ! So we were wondering where it had come from so hung around to ask the driver, but after half an hour we decided to get on with our journey home.