Rolls-Royce Recreates Historic Motor Show at 2019 Goodwood Revival

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 15th September 2019

  Rolls-Royce Motor Cars marks the 21st edition of the Goodwood Revival this weekend with a display that takes visitors on a journey back in time to the glamorous world of the 1950s. For the 2019 Goodwood Revival, the March Motor Works will be painstakingly transformed into a replica of the marque’s motor show stand of the period. The centrepiece will be an example of the company’s pinnacle product of the Revival period, the 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I two-door drophead coupé. Finished in Black and Red with a matching hood, the car is one of just a handful crafted by coachbuilder H. J. Mulliner. Rolls-Royce will be represented on the legendary motor circuit throughout the event by a magnificent 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II long wheelbase saloon. Finished in Sage Green over Smoke Green, this imposing four-door limousine, which has recorded just 9,500 miles in its 58 years, will form part of the Course Director’s entourage. Invited guests will have the opportunity to experience the marque’s defining ‘magic carpet ride’ in surroundings where the only audible sound is, famously, the ticking of the mechanical dashboard clock. Throughout the weekend, visitors will also be able to see cars from today’s…

Streetscene – Volkswagen T2 Camper Ice Cream Van

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 10th September 2019

I was working in Rushden, in Northamptonshire  last summer on a project just when the Rushden Lakes shopping centre opened. Walking over with some colleagues after work to try a new restaurant and we came across this great Volkswagen T2 Camper Van which had been converted to an ice cream van. It was operated by 'Camper Cones' and a search on Google found their Facebook page where their Camper Van was available for hire around the Kettering and Higher Ferrers area. Just a pity it wasn't open for us to try a cone !          

Streetscene – Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 8th September 2019

I just happened to look out of the office window this week and saw this fabulous Ferrari GTC4 Lusso in the visitor's car park. So I just had to grab my camera and nip down and take it's photo. After all, it's not every day a £200,000+ supercar just rocks up into your car park ! Details - It's a three door shooting hatchback with four wheel drive. It has a 6.2 litre V12 engine producing 690 bhp and a 0-60 mph of 3.4 seconds. A new one would cost £250,000 and we think it's one of the best looking Ferrari's for a while - others may disagree of course ! We think the colour - official Ferrari name is Gregio Silverstone - is quite discrete and you could probably get away with parking in your local supermarket car park without attracting too much attention. That is until you started it up ! Then who could resist a few weeeeee, weeeeee on the throttle before driving off ! Now where did I put that winning lottery ticket ?!!!      

David Brown Automotive teases limited edition performance Mini Remastered

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 27th August 2019

High performance version of Mini Remastered to be revealed by David Brown Automotive ahead of Goodwood Revival Limited run of 60 cars for highly tuned Mini Remastered, marking the 60 years since the Mini was first revealed on 26th August, 1959 Soon-to-be-revealed Mini Remastered model is made in conjunction with world-renowned classic car performance specialist, Oselli Silverstone, England, August 27, 2019 David Brown Automotive is preparing to announce details of an exciting new project that will lead to the launch of the first performance-focused Mini Remastered model. The highly-tuned Mini Remastered model will serve a limited run of 60 cars to mark the same amount of years since the first Mini was revealed on 26th August, 1959. Two teaser images released by David Brown Automotive give hints of the high-performance version of Mini Remastered that will be made in partnership with classic car performance specialists, Oselli. Like other models from David Brown Automotive, this new model further demonstrates a commitment to bespoke British handcraftsmanship, combined with modern engineering, technology and conveniences. The performance-enhanced car offers customers an engine unit developed by Oselli, with other performance upgrades added. Oselli is a prominent force in the classic car performance and restoration sector, beginning business…