“One Leap Ahead” – A Jaguar Factory Tour 1961 Video Showing Jaguar Mk2’s Being Made

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 27th October 2020

We found this fantastic video and is a must for any Jaguar fan, as it goes behind the scenes at the Jaguar factory in Coventry and shows the Jaguar Mk2 being built and tested. Watch out at the end for the brand new Jaguar E Type !   [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei7AWRhetnc[/embedyt]

Nearly 40 years since Ford launched the Escort Mk3 XR3 !!!

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 24th October 2020

November 24, 1980 was a big day for Ford, as it was the day the XR3 was handed over to the UK motoring media and press to test drive and report back in their publications how good it was ! At the time, parts of the M4 motorway had been built but still not opened yet to the public, and Ford pulled off a coup to 'borrow' a length of it near Bridgend in South Wales near the Ford factory as it was, for the journo's to try the car. They lined up rows of brand new red XR3's for them to test which the photos show just how many they were ! Ford were nervous, as all previous Escorts, the Mark 1's & Mark 2's had been rear wheel drive, and the XR3 was first Escort to have front wheel drive. Remember that at launch, the XR3 wasn't fuel injected, it was only on Jan 1st 1983, that the later fuel injected  XR3i was available to buy. Ford had also been under pressure to come up with a rival to the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which had been launched in 1976 as a sporty hatchback with front wheel drive, although…

Morris Minor 1000 Traveller Seen Near Shaftesbury

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 24th October 2020

Our very good friend Oliver Harry, who writes all the Buyer's Guides and many other articles for My Classic was visiting Fonthill Lake, near Shaftesbury at the weekend and spotted this perfect classic car photo. Fonthill Estate, situated in the heart of south west Wiltshire, consists of farmland, woodland and formal gardens and is the home of Lord Margadale. A visit to their website http://www.fonthill.co.uk  you will not only be able to see the outstanding natural beauty of the Estate, but also its incredible history and all the activities that take place within it. They have a number of fabulous venues available to hire for weddings & parties; it is also possible to rent commercial space as well as residential; you can board a mare at our Stud, and even buy timber or agricultural produce direct from the farm.

AND THEY’RE OFF- AGAIN…Historics Auctioneers returns to Ascot Racecourse !

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 20th October 2020

Historics returns to Ascot Racecourse for an open-to-public live sale on 28th November Historics’ front-running auction venue this year, Ascot Racecourse, has been announced as the location for its major, open-to-public winter sale on Saturday, 28th November 2020. The return to the world-famous venue comes ten weeks after Historics rousing public autumn sale there on 26th September, which returned an 80% sale rate on a gross of £4.6m. Its 2020 opener in March was also staged at Ascot, just one week before the pandemic lockdown. Throughout the year, Historics has successfully stuck to its policy of staging public-facing auctions where possible with strict observance of all prevailing COVID-19 conditions, and the Winter sale will be no different, supported as ever by live online bidding via its partner Bidpath. Historics founder and Managing Director, Mark Perkins, commented: “We appreciate the support, experience and guidance of Ascot Racecourse during these unprecedented times, working together to stage our open-to-public auctions, and equally we applaud the wonderful commitment of our legion of loyal supporters.” Historics 2020 auction swansong will again include a minimum of three viewing days and take full advantage of the open nature of the venue to display the 150+ varied entries…