Fiat 500 & Vespa Scooter Barn Find

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 8th December 2019

We saw this at a motorway services and had a good look around. Both are definite projects and while the scooter has a UK registration, the Fiat 500 looks like an import as it's a left hand drive. The Fiat looks like someone has already started it though as the dashboard is in grey primer and the one front wing looks like it's been replaced. But just look at the camber of the back right wheel ! So we were wondering where it had come from so hung around to ask the driver, but after half an hour we decided to get on with our journey home.

Austin-Healey Sprite: Buyer’s Guide

Posted By: admin | Posted On: 3rd December 2019

As a small and reliable classic car, the Sprite look incredibly stylish on the modern roads and it will promise a ride that feels faster than you’d think so. Given it is small in size, lightweight and quite low, it makes one of the best classic cars to be driven on the small lanes of England. With a character of its own, the Austin-Healey Sprite is one of the easiest and most affordable classic cars that you can own.    The early beginnings   As a model that came out between 1958-196, the Austin-Healey Sprite was envisioned as a smaller model that was meant to resemble the Austin Healey 100 and 3000. The end result was a mix of components from other BMC’s cars (British Motor Corporation). Half of its structure comes from the Austin A35, with parts such as the engine, gearbox and suspension, and the other half coming from the Morris Minor. The first generation of Sprites was considered a solid line of cars, with few drawbacks, such as a bit of rust here and there, a rather fragile first gear and wear front shock absorbers. Called the Frogeye Sprite, due to its headlamps that have a pop-up…

Top Affordable Classic Convertibles to Buy for 2020’s Summer

Posted By: admin | Posted On: 26th November 2019

Classic cars will never fail to capture our hearts. Instilling more than nostalgia for an era long gone, they have an aura of impermeability that makes any owner of a classic car feel a special connection with it. And if we talk about classic convertibles, it’s an even deeper bond. A classic convertible has the power to make anyone reminisce about a long drive during a summer evening, with a 70s tune playing in the background.    We might not have the best summers over here, but the surroundings make everything magical again. And while summer is not exactly around the corner, you might want to consider getting a classic convertible for the upcoming season. You will have enough time to take care of all the details that you want to be changed, whether that will include new tires, interiors, or paint.    Prices have always been the main concern with any buyers of classic cars. However, the British market of convertibles has seen significant growth and you’re bound to find one that will suit you.  We’ve seen so many radical changes over the past few years in the market and regulations and finding a classic convertible that works for…

Streetscene – Citroen 2CV6

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 16th October 2019

Saw this great 2CV6 this afternoon and was taking the photo when the owners came back to their car. Of course we asked if they minded and they happy to let us. Had a chat and they said it was bought from auction and then they had it all repainted in French Lavender colour which really suited it. Told us it was his daily drive to work too and it kept up with modern traffic ok.