A website dedicated to enthusiasts of old classic cars from all over the world.

We hope to feature photos of not only preserved vehicles, but also original photos from over the years. Along with many other associated items such as die cast models, model kits, badges, catalogues, old adverts and show reports. We’re constantly adding to and improving the website and have a few thousands of photos for you, but we aim to add new photos and articles each week, so watch this space!

I’ve been an enthusiast of classic cars since childhood and over the years have collected many items, which we hope to share with you on My Classic. Not only the cars, but also all other things associated with them, such as models. Who remembers building plastic car kits over the years from Airfix, Revell, Monogram etc? Who can’t resist visiting swapmeets just to look at the stalls and proudly say ‘I used to have one of those Corgi/Dinky/Matchbox models as a child !’ ..And who didn’t collect car catalogues over the years, either of cars we owned or cars we would love to own, but we just couldn’t afford them.

I grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s when Britain had a home grown industry with many famous names now long gone. Hillman, Humber, Austin, Morris, Triumph, Rover, are just a few names that bring back memories. When cars were simpler and where you could usually work on them yourself. When special tuning meant fitting a Peco exhaust or woolly dice to your car mirror. I remember my first car was a Ford Escort Mark 1, where the windscreen washer was a little foot pump under the clutch pedal, rather than modern cars that have them on the stalks. Air-conditioning meant opening the window ! Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be !

We aim to feature photos of rally cars of the 1970’s and 1980’s. The Escort RS1800’s in Eaton Yale, Cossack, Andrews Heat for Hire liveries, DTV Chevettes, the famous Lancia Stratos. Roger Clark, Hannu Mikkola, Russell Brookes, Tony Pond, all famous rally drivers from that era. Who remembers the Lombard RAC Rally when it used to take part all over the UK ? The Sunday stages in Sutton Park or Oulton Park and then Kielder Forest in Yorkshire and the Epynt Ranges in Wales. All soon to be brought back to life on My Classic !