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RRR Collection – A Rare Friendship on Wheels !

The “ RRR Collection” comprises the story of two childhood friends and their lifelong fascination with the fanciful and highly affordable vehicles that revolutionised transportation in post-war Europe. The three R's stand for “Roller”, “Rollermobile”, “ Raritäten” – Motorscooters, micro cars, rarities. The collection, which comprises 150 models with exotic names such as Peel, Scootacar, Megu and Colibri, will be sold at auction at Dorotheum’s July 2020, Classic Car sale.   BY WOLFGANG HUMER The post-war years were marked, above all,…

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RRR Collection: Dorotheum puts 130 classic scooters and bubble cars up for auction on July 10, 2020 – without price limits!

The RRR Collection comprises a multitude of strange creatures from the post-WWII era of automotive history. A total of 130 rare scooters and bubble cars…

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The BMW Garmisch. BMW pays homage to design visionary Marcello Gandini.

The BMW Group took the occasion of the 2019 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este to unveil the recreation of the BMW Garmisch, a classic concept car…

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