Streetscene – Citroen 2CV6

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 16th October 2019

Saw this great 2CV6 this afternoon and was taking the photo when the owners came back to their car. Of course we asked if they minded and they happy to let us. Had a chat and they said it was bought from auction and then they had it all repainted in French Lavender colour which really suited it. Told us it was his daily drive to work too and it kept up with modern traffic ok.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Triumph Spitfire

Posted By: admin | Posted On: 15th October 2019

-Brief History of Triumph Spitfire -Car Specifications -Price Ranges -Design -Triumph Spitfire Models -Finding the right style for you -What to look out for -Verdict A brief look on the history of the Triumph Spitfire The Triumph Spitfire defined the British sports car. Small, agile, light and evolved from modest beginnings, it was one of the most easily recognised and successful performance cars in a booming era for the industry. It was thanks to the Austin-Healey Sprite that the Spitfire came about at all. Only after the Sprite had proved what lucrative potential there was in the sports car market did Standard-Triumph decide to offer up its own challenger. Following the formula laid down by the Sprite, the Spitfire was based on humble and – crucially – cheap underpinnings, from the Herald. Looking back from a modern age obsessed with unnecessary weight, power outputs and complication, the simplicity of a Herald-based sports car seems like another, simpler time. 1962: The new Spitfire model is introduced, coming with a promising 1147cc engine. 1965: A more powerful brother of the Spitfire is introduced, the MkII model. 1967: A third model comes to life which has better styling and an easier to manage…

‘Old Photos’ on My Classic !

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 11th October 2019

We've loads of photos we've taken ourselves over the years at shows, in car parks or even parked in the street. But we've also bought quite a few old photos from antique fairs, car boot sales or even e-bay. Obviously with modern digital cameras you have a greater chance of getting a sharp focus with all the colours sharp and realistic. But years ago, with the old wet film cameras with fixed lenses often the picture came out slightly blurry or the photo has faded a bit over the years. To us, this adds some of the charm to these old photos. So we decided to label them differently, so you have the opportunity to search them out separately. Such as this Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire on holiday in Scotland in August 1970. So when you go on the Cars page and see the Search for Cars, underneath is Advanced Search in green. Click on that and then enter 'Old Photos' in the Event Name. This will then bring up all the Old Photos, such as this Lamborghini 350GT taken at Prescott Hillclimb in June 1973. However, it could also be found under Lamborghini 350GT too !      …

Streetscene – DAF 44 Variomatic

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 6th October 2019

Saw this rare DAF 44 while we were out an about. Introduced in 1966 and produced six years until 1965. They were designed for the Dutch company by Michelotti, famous for a number of Triumph designs including the Herald and the Stag. This sample was registered in 1966 and was one of stock that was disposed of after they's stopped making them They featured a flat 2 cylinder engine which had 844 cc, which produced a whopping 34 bhp. In addition, it had DAF's famous Variomatic gearbox, which in simple terms was a huge rubber band. Move the gear-stick forward or back depending which direction you wanted to go. We had a chat with the enthusiastic owner of this superb example, who was quite happy to be photographed. He said he loved them and had a couple more back home we was working on.