Hillman Super Minx and a Sprite Caravan, a Pair of Classics on Tour !

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 31st October 2020

A 1966 Hillman Super Minx and a 1965 Sprite Musketeer caravan was an ideal set up in the 1960's for a touring holiday in the UK. The Hillman Super Minx was introduced in 1961 with a 1592cc engine and was available in saloon, estate and a nice looking two door convertible. Earlier versions, the MkI & MkII had a complex wraparound rear glass window, but for the 1964 model, the MkIII was introduced with a flat back window and there side windows instead, which actually let in more light ! But the 1592cc engine wasn't going to set the world on fire, as it had 62 bhp which gave a it a g pulling 80mph top end and a 0-60 mph of 21.6 seconds, which today is unthinkable ! Then in October 1965, Rootes introduced the MkIV with an upgraded 1725cc engine, which was used in many other of the Rootes Group products such as Rapiers and Alpines. So in the three photos we've recently added to the My Classic collection is a 1966 MkIV, possibly in a pale grey with a red stripe along the side which was a popular colour. It has the registration number LBP 450 D,…


Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 30th October 2020

The department was created to protect and value the past of Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth. We keep the history of our brands alive by taking care of the models in the group’s own collection and those of customers, through the involvement of our team of experts. We narrate their past and participate in major international events to honour the memory and successes that have made the four brands of the FCA group so unique. Because passion transcends time and must be nurtured and spread. OUR MANIFESTO We are culture, appreciation and adventure We are design and technology We are hands dirty with grease We are bodyshells, spanners and laid paper We are the track, the museum and the workshop We are at ease on wet asphalt and in elegant exhibitions We are in colour and in black and white We are at home in Turin and in all homes, around the world, where people breathe the same passion. THE FCA HERITAGE LOGO From the idea to defining its style The decision to adopt the English name "Heritage" was based on the fact that this word has a double meaning. It can be understood as a collection of valuable…

“One Leap Ahead” – A Jaguar Factory Tour 1961 Video Showing Jaguar Mk2’s Being Made

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 27th October 2020

We found this fantastic video and is a must for any Jaguar fan, as it goes behind the scenes at the Jaguar factory in Coventry and shows the Jaguar Mk2 being built and tested. Watch out at the end for the brand new Jaguar E Type !  

Nearly 40 years since Ford launched the Escort Mk3 XR3 !!!

Posted By: Simon Sage | Posted On: 24th October 2020

November 24, 1980 was a big day for Ford, as it was the day the XR3 was handed over to the UK motoring media and press to test drive and report back in their publications how good it was ! At the time, parts of the M4 motorway had been built but still not opened yet to the public, and Ford pulled off a coup to 'borrow' a length of it near Bridgend in South Wales near the Ford factory as it was, for the journo's to try the car. They lined up rows of brand new red XR3's for them to test which the photos show just how many they were ! Ford were nervous, as all previous Escorts, the Mark 1's & Mark 2's had been rear wheel drive, and the XR3 was first Escort to have front wheel drive. Remember that at launch, the XR3 wasn't fuel injected, it was only on Jan 1st 1983, that the later fuel injected  XR3i was available to buy. Ford had also been under pressure to come up with a rival to the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which had been launched in 1976 as a sporty hatchback with front wheel drive, although…