‘Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It” – A Series of 1970’s MG Adverts

Back in the day before the internet, smart phones and computers, if you wanted to read about cars or find out all about them and the new models coming out you only had a few options.

The best one was going to the motor show at the NEC in Birmingham or even better for earlier shows at Earls Court in London. But these only happened once a year and so the next on the list was to go to car showrooms, sit in the car and maybe come away with a brochure. Not easy if you were a 16 year old and couldn’t drive. So the final option was to buy a motoring magazine from the local newsagents.

Magazines such as Autocar, Motor, Car, Motor Sport, Hot Car, Cars & Car Conversions – or Triple C as it was known ! – were all great sources of information and they contained some of the best car adverts you’ve ever seen.

Adverts have always been a great way to get the message across and evolved over the years from here’s the 1926 Winkle 1100 !

MG had some wonderful ads over the years with their most famous being ‘Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It !’ adverts. Very much 1970’s Carry On film sort of tongue in cheek innuendo, typical of the period.

So we thought we’d share a selection from our collection of old MG adverts ! Other makes are also available too !

Here’s the first one, for a MG Midget MkIII featured in Car magazine of September 1973. We just love the fashions too, such as the massive bow tie and the sleeves and hair cut of the lady companion ! The implication being the couple had been out all night and were grabbing a n early morning cup of tea by Battersea Power Station.

Next one is from Motor Sport magazine, May 1972 and features an MGB GT along with a moody looking couple looking like they’ve had an argument !

Our third ones features a gentleman thrashing his MGB Roadster and is from September 1971. It’s showing a 0-60 mph of 8.0 seconds and we’d be interested to hear from readers if they’d got an MGB with that performance !

Next bit of innuendo from the MG press team was ‘You Can Do It In An MG’ This advert from Motor magazine from July 1974 shows our man in another MG Midget MkIII chatting up a lady traffic warden. Can’t really see that happening today !

May 1978 and the strap line is still working for MG in this Motor Sport advert. The weight of the rubber bumpers causing a few weight issues, as the 0-60 mph has now dropped to 11.6 seconds.

So these old adverts provide a snapshot into the 1970’s and are great to collect. Store them in folder or even get them ‘Mounted On The Wall’ as the 1970’s MG Press team might have said !!!