Streetscene – Toyota MR2 Red Limited Edition (W30)

Streetscene is the title we use when we see classic cars in daily use out and about. At the supermarket or the petrol station, parked up in the street or at the local DIY, rather than at a classic car show. Often the owners are there with the cars and we love to have a chat about their car and all about it.

We saw this lovely MR2 at a local car wash having just been groomed inside and out and got chatting to the lady who owned it. She loved it to bits and told us it was a rare limited edition ‘Red’ which came with full leather seats and trim such as seat belts, gear leaver gaiter etc in a bright red, and it really looked very nice indeed, especially against the graphite grey bodywork. She also proudly told us that it had a 138 bhp 16v 1.8 engine that could zip her from 0-60 in 7.7 seconds if she wanted to, but it was too nice a car to thrash !

She uses the car for daily commute to work and whenever the sun was out, the hood was down ! She and her partner were off for the weekend driving down to The Cotswolds and was looking forward to driving the car round those tight narrow country lanes !


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