Streetscene – Mitsubishi GTO

So my wife said “let’s pop down to the local garden centre ! ” Now if you’re into gardening, then this would be a fantastic couple of hours pottering around the plants learning new Latin plant names. To me I enjoy seeing her all excited, planning where we can put this perennial or that dwarf so and so, but I haven’t got her enthusiasm. I enjoying looking at the man-sheds and the construction stuff such as the slabs and bricks ! But this visit made my tail wag !

There in the car park was this absolute mint Mitsubishi GTO, which I drooled over.

Also known as the 3000GT, it featured a 24v V6 twin turbo engine was threw out 286 bhp with 300 ft lb of torque. Very handy!

This 1992 registered model had similar lines to the Toyota Supra and from a distant could be mistaken for one. We didn’t get chance to speak to the owners, as I was summoned to load the trolley with some bags of John Innes Potting Compost instead !


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