Streetscene – AC Bristol

Just drove into the motorway services on my way to work and had the surprise of a lifetime. This polished metal AC Bristol was just siting there ! It had it’s tonneau cover on while it’s owner was queuing up for a McDonald’s breakfast muffin !

Originally launched in 1953 as the AC Ace with a 2 litre 6 cylinder engine producing 100 bhp, it was followed in 1956 by a Bristol engined¬† version developing 120 bhp and a 0-60 mph under 10 seconds, which was pretty quick for the mid 1950’s !¬† It was later developed into the AC Cobra by Caroll Shelby using a Ford V8 engine.

Price wise ? Well we’ve just seen one for sale on the internet for ¬£300,000 !!!

Mind how you go !

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