Streetscene – 1947 Chevrolet AK Series Pick Up

As the song goes ‘If you go down to the DIY Centre today, you’re in for a big surprise’ and we certainly were !

Parked amongst the hatchbacks, estate cars and plumbers vans was this gorgeous 1947 Chevy pick up. The patina on it was just spot on and we hope that the owners keeps it this way. Or ‘Oily Rag’ state, as is the latest way of describing it.

The AK series was introduced in 1941 by GMC under it’s Chevrolet brand and was an all purpose light truck.

Probably seen on many small farms and small holdings across the USA and possibly featuring in many films of the 1940’s & 1950’s, you could just image Ma and Pa in the front with the kids and the hound in the back driving down long dusty highways to the local town for supplies.

It came fitted with a 6 cylinder 90bhp engine with 216 cu inch, but you could upgrade to the ‘Load Master’ model which has an extra 235 cu inch engine which gave it 93bhp. Plus they featured a 3 speed manual gearbox which was common in the 1940’s.

The markings on the side say ‘Bully’s Farm & Feed Supply’ which might very well be the original markings. So we do hope the owners keeps the patina just as it is rather than go for a full glossy ex-works factory finish !

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