The department was created to protect and value the past of Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth.

We keep the history of our brands alive by taking care of the models in the group’s own collection and those of customers, through the involvement of our team of experts. We narrate their past and participate in major international events to honour the memory and successes that have made the four brands of the FCA group so unique.

Because passion transcends time and must be nurtured and spread.

We are culture, appreciation and adventure
We are design and technology
We are hands dirty with grease
We are bodyshells, spanners and laid paper
We are the track, the museum and the workshop
We are at ease on wet asphalt and in elegant exhibitions
We are in colour and in black and white
We are at home in Turin and in all homes,
around the world, where people breathe the same passion.

From the idea to defining its style

The decision to adopt the English name “Heritage” was based on the fact that this word has a double meaning. It can be understood as a collection of valuable assets, but also as a legacy, underlining the importance of passing this value on to future generations. In a single word, it encapsulates the profound meaning of FCA Heritage’s mission, which is to preserve, celebrate and promote awareness of the group’s automotive heritage.

The logo originates from the need to communicate over a century of history relating to four prestigious yet very different brands. The most iconic historical logos of each brand have been stylised to underline the brands’ modernity and link with their origins. They are also embellished with the Italian word “Classiche” ( meaning “Classic” in English), to further emphasise the national roots of these illustrious manufacturers.

These four stylised logos are preceded by the word “Heritage”, which is intentionally in cursive to lend a dimension of classic elegance, and by the tagline “Passione senza tempo” (“Timeless passion”), which represents the sense of belonging felt by those who immerse themselves in this ageless world and pass on their passion.

Reloaded by creators is the FCA Heritage project involving the sale of a small number of classic cars belonging to the Group’s four brands: unique models, with certified authenticity, restored to their original beauty by the Constructor itself. Each car’s timeless beauty lives again thanks to the care, know-how and passion of our team of experts at the Officine Classiche. From discovery, through painstaking scouting work, to restoration, and from promotion to return to the market: a “complete cycle” that adds cultural worth to a car’s financial value. Because safeguarding a legacy means renewal, and not just conservation.

We preserve history, and you enable it to stay alive. With you.

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