Gorkyclassic GUM Rally in Moscow for 50th Anniversary of the Lada.

Get your motors running! Car enthusiasts don vintage outfits as they flood the streets of Moscow for a retro rally to mark the 50th anniversary of the Lada

  • Vintage car lovers headed to Gorkyclassic GUM Rally in Moscow yesterday to mark anniversary of Lada car
  • Car enthusiasts dressed up in vintage outfits and donned head scarfs as they posed for snaps in the cars 
  • The vehicle is named after Moscow’s biggest car shop, with the classic car show taking place yearly
  • This year marked 50th anniversary of Russia’s trusted Lada car from AvtoVAZ  

Russian car lovers donned vintage outfits to flock the streets of Moscow and mark the 50th anniversary of the creation of the popular Lada car yesterday.

Gathering for the Gorkyclassic GUM Rally, the vintage vehicle enthusiasts celebrated the creation of one of their countries most well-known and trusted cars, with models dating back to the 1970s at the heart of the celebration.

The classic car show, which takes place once a year in the Russian capital, sees vintage car lovers gather together, some opting for vintage looks to go with their vehicles.

The Lada, which was first commercialised in 1970, was manufactured by AvtoVAZ, a Russian company now owned by the French group Renault.

The show offered a window into the past, with many of the cars perfectly preserved to maintain their original interiors and features.

As the sun shone on the Russian capital, car fans made the most of the day, strolling between the different  models.

Visitors appeared in high spirits as they joined the owners of the vintage cars, who proudly showed their vehicles off.

The Gorkyclassic Motor GUM Rally takes its name from one of the biggest shops in Moscow.

The original 1970 Lada car was the star of this year’s show with several models making it to the rally.

Families walked up to the Lada models, all parked together during the show, some of which were adorned with GUM rally stickers.

AvtoVAZ’s Lada, which was first manufactured in 1970, with technical help from Fiat, takes its name from a type of small boat in Slavic language.

It was born out of a cooperation agreement between Fiat and the Soviet minister of automotive industry Alexander Tarasov signed in 1966.

The cars first appeared in Russia under the Zhiguli brand, but the brand’s name was changed to Lada when the vehicle began to be commercialised internationally.

The first ever Lada to be built was produced on the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s Birth on April 1970.

The Lada VAZ-2101 was the first vehicle to make it to the market in Russia. Its design was derived from the Fiat 124 Sedan.

There were very few repair shops around the country, and the Lada was marketed as DIY-friendly and easy to maintain.

Extract taken from a report in the Daily Main newspaper on Friday September 18.

Photos copyright Sergei Fadeichev/TASS 





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