Bristol 405 4 Seater Drophead Coupe – YJH 3 ….. Deja Vu !!!!

Do you ever get that feeling when you go to a classic car show, see a car and know you’ve seen it before ? Not necessarily at another show, but in a old book, or magazine, or even in an old photo. Well I had this feeling when I saw this lovely 1957 Bristol on display last weekend at the annual Chateau Impney Hill Climb near Droitwich. Had a good look around and it was superb, a proper gentlemen’s car just right for driving down old English country lanes to an ancient pub famous for it’s home brewed beer. Or even driving down to the family cottage in Dorset for the week and popping into Bovingdon Tank Museum to see nephew Rupert and his brand new Centurion tank.

My mind is wandering now, thinking of all the journey’s this glorious Bristol has travelled ! But I knew I’d seen this car somewhere before and then it dawned on me. I’d bought a collection of photos a few years ago from lady who was selling up her late father’s estate. He’d been an avid car enthusiast and also a long distance lorry driver. His camera always went with him in his cab and as he travelled around the country and saw something interesting, he took a photo. He loved Prescott Hill Climb, near Tewkesbury in Gloucesteshire and many of his photos featured often rare cars he’d seen in the paddock and indeed the car park.

So out came the box of photos I’d bought and yes there it was ! YJH 3 take with it’s then owners at Prescott in July 1975 and here it is !

Just a pity that the current owners weren’t by their car at Chateau Impney !

But if anyone knows them, then please show them this article.

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