Gilbern Owners Club    GB

Address Line 1: 10 Southbank Road
Address Line 2: Kenilworth
County: Warwickshire
Post Code: CV8 1LA
Country: United Kingdom

Phone: 01926 512136

Club Details

Gilbern Owners Club History

gilberns owners club logo

Martin Ingall founded the club in 1969, helped by Emil Rosner of ACE Motors. Ten years later, the club was turned into a limited company with the mission of ensuring that the Gilberts would continue to exist, encouraging others to appreciate the beauty of the marque. The club is further supported by volunteers that have been chosen from the membership. 


The Owner’s Club is a place for fans to have access to:

-Technical Advice 

-Support for spares;

-Local meetings with fellow club members;

-Invitation to take part in hill climb sprints;

-Access to national local shows 

-Organise team meeting to bring Gilbern Owner members together

As part of being a member of the club, the club offers special schemes for the Gilbern cars’ insurance and club membership of the AA for the breakdown and recovery services.


Events organised by the Club

There are a number of various events that are being organised throughout the year, including the National Day and the Great Griffin Treasure Hunt. In addition, there are other gatherings with the members during weekdays evening and weekends. The Club also organizes sprints, hill climbs and other various events that could be accepted through the invitation of other clubs, such as Aston Martin Owners Club, BARC, etc.

The clubs support the members with a spares service that include a wide range of parts. The members have access to a wide range of spars suitable for various models, and they are available to get through the post service. In addition, the club also has a separate register with suppliers that provide non-specific items.