A40 Farina Club    GB

Country: United Kingdom
Email: secretary@a40farinaclub.co.uk
Website: www.a40farinaclub.co.uk

Club Details

Home to the lovers of the Austin A40 Farina

The A40 Farina Club was founded by Cynthia Hiller in the autumn of 1979 to assist owners of the models to keep their cars on the road. although the Club also warmly welcomes non-owners as well.

We have over 420 members, mainly in the UK, but others are scattered around the world.

Annual subscription is only £17.50.

There is a one-off initial fee of £10.00 that goes towards funding our spares service and for re-joining/lapsed members.

Technical advice is always available, spares are advertised in the quarterly magazine Farina News and our spares co-ordinator helps Club members source parts and panels while our car sales co-ordinator acts as intermediary between those selling an A40 and those wishing to buy one. New repair panels and sills are currently being produced.

Although there are quite a few concours vehicles and some specially prepared, very quick racing/rallying cars, the majority are “everyday cars” and indeed any A40 in any condition is always warmly welcomed into the Club.