You Just Never Know What You’re Going To Find !

If we were multi, multi millionaires, as classic car enthusiasts, I’m sure we’d have a fantastic collection of classic cars in heated storage on our estate in the countryside. How many of us have had that dream when we’ve bought a lottery ticket in the newsagent and then sitting down back home with a coffee and maybe writing a list of the top ten cars we’d have in our motoring stable !

Back on earth, as nice as it is to dream, some of us are lucky enough to own one or maybe two classic cars. Some because of finance, family commitments or just having no room to spare, visit shows, buy magazines or hopefully come and visit My Classic to see the latest car photos we’ve added ! Well we do hope so !!!

With 15,000 photos, we’re adding new photos each week taken over the years. We’ve often bought collections of photos from collectors fairs and antiques shops and have enjoyed rummaging through boxes of old photos just to find one of Uncle Ted is his Morris Minor 1000 ! These photos are then each individually scanned in, identified and labelled and usually the clarity isn’t as clear as modern digital photos. But they’re all part of motoring history and that old photo of a 1970’s Cortina that’s slightly out of focus, to us, adds character.

Recently we bought a whole collection of old 35mm slides or transparencies, not knowing really what we’d find ! Now to some readers, the phrase ’35mm slide’ would bring a confused look to their faces, asking what the heck ??? Well before digital cameras and wizzy phones that take fantastic photos, we had what you called wet film. This was where you’d load a film canister into the back of the camera which either contained normal film or transparencies. Once you’d taken the photos and used all the film up – can you believe that ! – you’d take the film to the chemist or even Boots Chemist for them to get developed. Then a week later you had the excitement of collecting your film and see if any photos had come out !

Now with the transparencies, you had to post the film off in a little bag to Kodak or Agfa who developed the film and returned them in a nice little plastic box containing single slides for every photo. You then had a projector and a big fold up screen that you put up and then could see the photo in a massive format. You may have heard about families crowding together in the lounge with the curtains drawn and looking at the family holiday slides ! Or even boring dinner parties culminating in Arthur setting up the projector to see the last holiday photos of ‘well here’s another shot of Ethel in her swimsuit with Manuel the charming waiter at our hotel in Torremolinos’ !

So history lesson over, back to our recent purchase of the old slides collection. After a few of the Scottish Isles and Highland cattle we came across these four slides of this Vauxhall Victor FB, which was the family transport on their holiday. Fantastic ! And this is what it’s all about and as the title says, you just never know what you’re going to find when you buy an old collection !

Registered 754 GLB, which is a London registration, we’ve checked various databases and can see the car’s no longer around. But we love the character of the photos and show the car when it was being used by the family. Even that slight blueish tinge to the photo adds patina !!!

Hope you enjoy !!!

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