Streetscene – MGB Getting Ready for a Trip to Italy !

We’ve used HiQ Tyres & Autocare in Wolverhampton for many years to look after our fleet of cars. Simon and the team are always keen to help with advise with both our road cars and our classic cars.

In fact over the years we’ve often seen classic cars being worked on or even just for new tyres. From Jaguars, Land Rovers to Hillmans, MGs and Volvos. So if you need any help with your classic, then we’d certainly recommend them. Give them a call on 01902-420234.

So our BMW 320d M Sport Touring was due it’s MOT test in March just as the Covid-19 lockdown came on and the good old DVLA gave us a 6 month extension to September. But with September looming, and another wave of September 2017 registered cars hungry for their first MOT, we thought we’d better book it in before the rush.

So the resident TVR Chimaera was parked in the customer parking bay, an next to it was this 1970 MGB. As MGB owners ourselves and members of both the MG Owners Cub and MG Car Club, we kind of wandered over top have a look !

Looked ok for a Sunday drive around the countryside to an old pub for a ploughman’s lunch, and if the rains came, then the hood looked just about enough to keep most of the wet stuff out.


So when we got the good news the BMW had passed it’s MOT, and paid our bill, we asked about the fate of the MGB.

‘Oh yes’, came the reply. ‘The owner’s having it checked over before they drive it out to Italy on holiday !’