Morris Minor Tourer 1957 For Sale, but let the Buyer Beware !!!!!!!!!

We’d just loaded a lovely Morris Minor 1000 photo onto our Twitter page and thought I wonder how much they are going for.

So we popped onto ebay and very soon found this 1957 version in absolute perfect condition, a bargain at £5,300. The more I looked at it the more I wanted it, especially at the price. It would make a nice addition to the other classic cars in our collection, plus as the saying goes, it’s more about the journey getting there, rather than how quickly you travel. Picnic basket in the boot, dogs in the back, Management in the front passenger seat and off we go to a stately home with a blue sky and sunshine. Perfect !

So I then thought I’d check how much a bargain it really was ! So off to Carandclassic website to check on the price for other Moggy Tourers for sale.  £12,000, £15,000 and then I came across this perfect 1957 example in grey with a maroon interior and thought, that looks familiar ! Too familiar, as it was the same car being advertised at £25,000, which was a more realistic price for a car in this absolute mint condition ! Plus it looked the genuine advert for the car.

So we rang Mark from Canterbury Convertibles to say ‘Do you know your car is being advertising on ebay by a scammer?’

Indeed Mark was aware of it, thankfully and had reported it to ebay, as the guy had done it before but under a different name.

So fellow classic car enthusiasts, if you see a car for sale, then please don’t just send money off without being sure the car actually exists and that the seller is genuine. It could have been an expensive lesson !!!

Meanwhile though, if you’re looking for a superb example of a Morris Minor 1000 Tourer, then call Mark on 01227-238873 or go and have a look at his website

Here are a few more photos to drool over !!!! And let’s face it, what use is money in the bank earning no interest, when you can enjoy something like this beauty !

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