Hillman Super Minx and a Sprite Caravan, a Pair of Classics on Tour !

A 1966 Hillman Super Minx and a 1965 Sprite Musketeer caravan was an ideal set up in the 1960’s for a touring holiday in the UK.

The Hillman Super Minx was introduced in 1961 with a 1592cc engine and was available in saloon, estate and a nice looking two door convertible. Earlier versions, the MkI & MkII had a complex wraparound rear glass window, but for the 1964 model, the MkIII was introduced with a flat back window and there side windows instead, which actually let in more light !

But the 1592cc engine wasn’t going to set the world on fire, as it had 62 bhp which gave a it a g pulling 80mph top end and a 0-60 mph of 21.6 seconds, which today is unthinkable !

Then in October 1965, Rootes introduced the MkIV with an upgraded 1725cc engine, which was used in many other of the Rootes Group products such as Rapiers and Alpines.

So in the three photos we’ve recently added to the My Classic collection is a 1966 MkIV, possibly in a pale grey with a red stripe along the side which was a popular colour. It has the registration number LBP 450 D, which means it was registered in West Sussex. Looking at the photos, they appear to be in either Scotland or Wales, so it would have been a wise idea of the owner to join the RAC and display the badge on the radiator, being so far from home !

In the first photograph, it’s towing a Sprite Musketeer caravan, and would have needed most it’s 1725cc grunt !  The Musketeer was first introduced in 1958 and by 1965 was Britain’s best selling caravan. 14 feet long, it could sleep 4/5 and was ahead of the competition for weight, size, layout, price & style, and by 1970 had sold over 15,000. Then for the 1970 model the manufacturer discovered Formica and many of the wood surfaces were replaced with this more practical surface cover. Plus 1970 meant bright orange seating and garish floral curtains !

Then for the second and third photos, our Minx owners chose another caravan for their holidays, an Sprite Alpine 400 which had a different layout to the Sprite 400 and was slightly larger with the extra window at the front for the toilet cubicle.  But we’ll never know if they had the Alpine 400 first and the upgraded to the Musketeer or what ! In fact on this next photo you can see Mrs Minx grinning out of the caravan window ! Plus looking at the shadows of the car and caravan, it looks like the height of Summer and they have the rooflight open on the caravan.

The final photo shows the rear of the car and caravan, and looking at the back wheels of the Super Minx, either the caravan is pressing down on the soft rear springs or Mrs Minx has stocked with loads of wine in the Hillman’s boot for the holiday !

So if you have a classic car, then why not add that classic caravan too ? You often see many at two or three day shows.

And if you indeed have both, then please, tell us all about it and even share a photos with us !