Ford Anglia 105E’s – Two More Old Photos Added to The My Classic Collection !

We’re always looking out for new photos to add to the My Classic collection. Usually this means going to loads of classic car shows and events around the country and taking lots of photos to add onto the website. But with the Covid-19 episode this year, most of the shows have been cancelled, even the small village or school garden fetes where you’d often see a few classic vehicles on display.

So we love visiting old antique shops and bric a brac fairs and rooting through loads of old photos in the hope of finding the odd gem of a a rare classic car that used to be owned by Uncle Sid.

Otherwise it’s searching the internet or just word of mouth. So we were extremely delighted when a neighbour saw us in the garden and gave us these two photos of Ford Anglia 105E’s he’d collected.

The first is a basic model with a Wolverhampton registration. Looks brand new and the owners had just collected it from the garage. Any Anglia enthusiast can tell it’s the basic version from the narrow radiator grill on the front. Look at the Austn A40 Farina in the background !

Now compare it to the wider grill on this Glasgow registered De Luxe model. In fact most of the Anglias we’ve ever seen have been these De Luxe models. Although it’s a black & white photo, we’re guessing the colours are a maroon base with a white or pale grey roof.

So enjoy the Anglias and we’ll continue looking out for more photos of old classic cars to bring you here on My Classic !

Don’t forget if you’d like to see some more Anglias, then enter Ford Anglia in the search box on the Cars Page.










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