Ford Anglia 105E Spotted While Eating a 99 Ice Cream !

Took the dogs a work over Milford Common on Cannock Chase, Staffordshire and as usual stopped in the car park to buy a 99 ice cream.

But I had better explain what a 99 ice cream is for any non Brits in our audience ! In the UK we have fabulous ice cream vans – no not vans made of ice-cream ! – but vans selling all finds of ice-cream takeaways. They’re often at beauty spots and tourist areas and usually at most classic car shows. So they have a kind of wafer cone that’s filled with ice cream and then a small Cadbury’s Flake chocolate bar is inserted into the top of the ice cream so it sticks out. To add to the experience, it’s drizzled with a raspberry, strawberry or chocolate sauce ! If you ever visit the UK then you’ve got to try them ! Why a 99? We think it is because when they first came out in the 1970’s they cost 99 pence, hence you asked for a 99 !

Anyway, I was just biting the top off the Flake bar, when we saw this immaculate Anglia 105E parked up with the owners also enjoying their ice creams.

It was in superb condition with the owners spending many hours hard work getting it to this condition. Said that after driving round in his fully automated car all week packed with all sorts of electronic wizardry, it was great to take the Anglia out at the weekend with it’s simplicity. He said even his teenage daughters and their friends though it was really cool !

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