Top Affordable Classic Convertibles to Buy for 2020’s Summer

Classic cars will never fail to capture our hearts. Instilling more than nostalgia for an era long gone, they have an aura of impermeability that makes any owner of a classic car feel a special connection with it. And if we talk about classic convertibles, it’s an even deeper bond. A classic convertible has the power to make anyone reminisce about a long drive during a summer evening, with a 70s tune playing in the background. 


We might not have the best summers over here, but the surroundings make everything magical again. And while summer is not exactly around the corner, you might want to consider getting a classic convertible for the upcoming season. You will have enough time to take care of all the details that you want to be changed, whether that will include new tires, interiors, or paint. 


Prices have always been the main concern with any buyers of classic cars. However, the British market of convertibles has seen significant growth and you’re bound to find one that will suit you.  We’ve seen so many radical changes over the past few years in the market and regulations and finding a classic convertible that works for your budget can be problematic. We’ve had a look at some of the most fashionable models that are bound to make your experience a unique one and examined which model is equally lavish and affordable. You probably know that if you will be exempt from paying road tax & MOT if your car has more than 40 years old. So buckle up, we’re taking you on a trip down the classic convertibles lane. 


Mazda RX-7 Convertible

A truly 80s piece, Mazda RX-7 is a model that has successfully made any owner look cool. Considered a revolutionary model for its time, the RX-7 has a rotary engine and a design that was ahead of its time. The model has a Windblocker anti-turbulence panel, which helps with the wind turbulences and the temperatures inside the cabin. Only 5,000 have been manufactured in ‘88 and they reduced the number significantly every following year. So if you are looking for a unique model, RX-7 could be your answer.


Ford Mustang MK1 Convertible

A real catcher- even if you’re not that much into the American cars. The reason why the Mk1 was so popular with everyone was that it retained an appearance that could suit everyone’s style. The models from the mid-60s are considered to be the most reliable ones- and the most accessible ones, price-wise.  You will still be expected to pay around £25,000 for a decent model but prices will continue to go up.


Triumph TR8

How could we not include the daring Triumph TR8 with a look that could steal anyone’s eyes in just one flashing seconds? Even for our times, the design seems like it’s pulled out of the Blade Runner movie. The downside to this convertible will remain the investments you will have to make if the car is not in a top-notch condition and the battle against rust. It will up to you to decide how you want to customise the car to increase its performance – most of the parts are available and it will make it easier to replace or enhance it.


Buick Electra 225 Convertible


Undoubtedly, an imposing car- the Electra 225 has an impressively large body that unconsciously spreads an air of authoritativeness. The Electra range has seen many changes pre ‘67, with the next models receiving the final make-over meant to resemble the Cadillacs. If you are concerned with parking this beauty, you should go for a ‘67 and ‘68 models as they are smaller than the rest of the models.


Pontiac Firebird MK3 Convertible

Many would agree that the Firebirds are much better-looking than the Camaros from a design point of view… As long as you keep it in good condition the Firebird will fully deliver. As a sports car, you can count on the speed, but need to take care of the overheating issue and other additions and investments… which will add up.


Ford Thunderbird Convertible

We have included yet another “bird” in our list- The Thunderbird. There’s no better place to be on a summer night, than in a Ford Thunderbird. When it came out, it brought a lot of horsepower and a stylish design that beat any other sports car on the market. The models that were produced between ‘67-’71 are still thought to look more chunky and square compared to the ones from ‘64-’66 but the good part is that the prices remain low.


Hillman Minx Series 2 Convertible

For those who prefer the smaller classic cars with a more laid back and tame design, the Minx Series 2 is the answer. Considered a comfortable four-seater, the Minx Series 2 model is a handsome piece that handles like a dream, given the modern-day traffic and roads. What makes it different from the other models is the ‘Manumatic’ system which had a semi-automatic transmission option.


Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

Another long car, the Eldorado is the perfect weekend cruiser for sun-bathed rides. Undoubtedly, the look is bound to turn heads and while parking might be a bit of a pain, you’ll be happy to find out that driving them is a dream. With one of the largest engines, you’re right in thinking it will drink a lot of gas.


Jaguar XJ-S Convertible

Coined as a ‘controversial’ car due to its new design at the time it came out, the XJS simply failed to entertain its former audience which was oriented towards more sports car. Today’s drivers can appreciate that the XJS is suitable for a cruise down the street on a sunny afternoon. Although not a sports car, the XJS is still able to reach top speeds, and quite comfortable to drive around the town (when you get used to its long bonnet), the model being an automatic.

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