New for 2018 from Corgi is this delightful model in Modena Green.

With the number VA09522, it’s proced at £27.99 and available from Corgi at

The car modelled called at Parkway Garage, Gittings Bothers Motors, Ledbury, for petrol in 1976. Proprietor Richard Ernest Gittings was looking for an RS2000 and noticed the number plate, REG 101M, was his initials so bought the two year old 18,000 mile car. He used it regularly until 1997 recording over 100,000 miles and maintained it scrupulously; coating the underside with oil and garaging it. In 2005 Gloucester-based enthusiast Steven Gerrard bought it for restoration, stripped it and started rebuilding the unmolested but rusty bodyshell. In 2009 he sold it, still dismantled, to friend Scott Newman who continued the restoration using Escort specialists Alimax Motorsport, South Wales, to finish the body and paint it.

Photograph & text copyright Hornby Hobbies Ltd