Triumph Stag    

JYN 308 K

Year: 1971
Make: Triumph
Model: Stag

Event: TSSC/TR Register Triumph Weekend, Stratford Racecourse August 2019

One of James Bond’s classics, the four-seater Triumph Stag is a model reminiscent of the elegant and classic golden years of the 70s. Popular between the 1970 and 1978, The Stag was envisioned by an Italian carrossier, Giovanni Michelotti and later transported back to the UK. The style remained popular with the British engineers who further used some of its subtle details in their later models of cars.


A 2+2 convertible, the lavish Stag was built with a quad-lamp grille and fine-sculpted front and rear end. But what set the model apart was the T-shaped roll bar connecting the door pillars with the windscreen and considered a versatile car, the Stag could also come in a soft-top, hard-top or alternatively, soft-with hardtop form.


Like most of the popular luxury sports tourer car, the Stag was built as a convertible and during the seven-year time it was produced, it has been estimated that an approx. number of 19,000 cars were sold in the UK. The beautiful Stag model was designed to overtake other rivals, especially its most prominent German competitor on the market, the Mercedes SLS cars.


 Although the Stag was originally given a bad reputation for its defective engines, a common issue with affecting most of the cars built in the 70s in the UK, most Stag cars have been under thorough reconstructions and their old engine units have been replaced with new ones which now make the Stag a good used classic car to be driven today.


The interior of the Stag usually combines a mix of dark and bright browns which creates a lush synergy between the leather upholstery and the wooden dashboards. The hood is usually made out of mohair which adds to the refinery behind its design and overall high-class atmosphere. The Triumph Stag cars usually come in many colours, yet the pure white, Pimento and Carmine red were definitely more preferred in the 70s thanks to the reputation created by the Hollywood movies. 


The Triumph Stag remains a rarity in history as it has never been replaced with any other models. The successor of the Stag was supposed to be a model called the Lynx which was closely related to the TR7, yet due to the closure of the Triumph factory, any plans of launching the Lynx model have been cancelled.


If you want to re-live the nostalgic feeling of driving along the West Coast while the sunset bathes you in its warm light or the feel the brush of the autumn wind and scent of the falling leaves, The Stag is a safe choice. With its classic look, the soft roar of the engine and the exuberant interior, Triumph Stag remains a car that is widely underappreciated for its unique driving experience. It remains up its drivers to taste and indulge in a whole new driving journey, available only to a few connoisseurs.